Thursday, 21 March 2013

Final Preparation

After almost than 4 months preparation, we the Universitas Diponegoro Delegation for AIMUN 2013 at last will be departing for the event this Tuesday, 26th March 2013. Many thanks to PT Garuda Indonesia airways that has been helping us to get there. It has always been such an immense enjoyable pleasure to fly with Garuda Indonesia.

During our 4 months of preparation, we have been practice a lot and discussing so many motions and topics related to the committee and the topic area.

As we stated before that our delegation consists of 7 delegates that will participate in General Assembly and United Nations Environmental Program.

During our training and preparation, our 5 delegates that will participate in General Assembly has already overcomes several recommendations on both topic. In external migration topic our delegation is concerning on the idea of the admissability of immigration process, moreover to those who are the representative of European Union States, besides that our delegation also concerns that the immigration process will affecting the economical ability and the development of a country as a whole. thus, our delegation is urging all the country to able to guarantee any workforces for the immigrant.
On the issue of external debt, in the other, the representative of African Union Country in our delegation surprisingly has become the least external debt owner, which is Algeria. and Switzerland are going to propose a "debt brake" method as a solution to overcome the issue of external debt.

In the other hand the rest of the 2 delegates that will participate in UNEP committee are going to discuss about firstly biodiversity and city construction. The delegates will put more emphasize in the idea of sustainable development and in living in a harmony with the nature. Pragmatic approaches are also applicable in order for the committee to achieve the goal of 2020 Strategic Plan.
On the issue of climate change and sustainable transport, the delegation also will once again emphasize in sustainable transport within the idea of sustainable development by limitating private transportation usage, green transportation, and also more education and information to raise public awareness.

Within the context of matters, contents and also recommendation of our proposals, we would like to salute and thanks Mr. Peter Van Rooij, and Mrs Arum Ratnawati for their hospitality during our visit in ILO Country Office of Indonesia. We really appreciate your helps and all the materials that has been given to us.

Our next post will be the introduction of our delegations. Do follow our twitter on @undipforaimun . Thanks

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